Biofield Tuning

Move Forward Feeling Calm, Energized & Empowered

Find freedom from stress, and move forward feeling calm, energized and empowered. Able to think clearly and make wise decisions.

Who is it that most impedes people’s experience of health, happiness, and satisfaction?

I get in my own way.

This impacts physical health. It impacts how we feel about ourselves and our lifes. And it impacts what we accomplish.

It’s Up to Me!

My limiting beliefs were created throughout a history of trauma.

When I’m really stuck, I turn to Biofield Tuning, so I can point my ship in the right direction!

Biofield tuning helps each person align with their goals & intentions.

Sandra’s Story

I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for over 25 years, and a practitioner of numerous energetic healing modalities for most of that time. I have been dissatisfied with the results that I’ve seen with energetic modalities. So I continued to rely on bodywork and manual modalities to produce change.

Biofield Tuning is forever altering my energy-healing experience. Because the results are significant.

How Biofield Tuning Works

The body has a bioelectric energy field around it, the Biofield. Energy flowing through the biofield and the body is what makes life and the ability to function possible.

When the energy flow gets blocked or stuck, stress, discomfort and dysfunction happen. Physically, mentally and emotionally.

Blocks in the Biofield are cleared using sound and vibration from tuning forks. The body’s ability to function optimally returns. The recipient is able to move forward with their life with increased ease and grace.

Sandra Lee does Biofield Tuning and Human Design together. They make a powerful combination, with each modality enhancing the benefits of the other.



Some people have experienced so much physical and non-physical trauma in their lives that it can impact their ability to function day-to-day. Biofield Tuning helps them have more ease and peace within themselves. And they have an easier time managing the daily stresses and traumas that come with life and relationships.


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I’m seeing people’s long term symptoms improve, and function increase with a variety of chronic issues.


In the video this came from, Oly walks across the floor.

“My old cowboy 🤠 Oly couldn’t walk and wasn’t breathing good. I thought last night was his last. Sandra Lee did distant Bio Field Tuning and the mucus that filled his lungs has almost disappeared and he is walking. Big Shout out and heartfelt thank you, Sandra.” ~ Valerie Terrell, Defining Image Photographs
“I highly recommend Sandra to anyone looking for change, mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. She has a wealth of knowledge and abilities to share.” ~ Alandra Shaffer
“This is powerful and wonderful therapy. Give it a try. You have nothing to lose, and much to gain for acute injuries.” ~ LS

Biofield Tuning

Sessions are available through the Zoom online platform, and by telephone.

Subject to proximity, In Person sessions are available, on a limited basis.

Individual Sessions

It is recommended to have at least three sessions. This supports making enough progress that a significant shift becomes noticeable. And single sessions are available.

Group Sessions

It is recommended to have at least three sessions. This supports making enough progress that a significant shift becomes noticeable. And single sessions are available.

Because the issues being addressed during the session will be general, as opposed to individually specific, some people experience less noticeable change. However, in some cases, group sessions are actually more powerful, because of the group energy and dynamic.

Group sessions are significantly more affordable than individual sessions.

Click here to see if Sandra has a group session series starting in the near future.

Not Sure Where to Begin?

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